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Lifter Flowers

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Hand Selected Organic Hemp Flowers

Ethically Grown on the Finest Oregon Estates

Medical Analysis : Stress Reducer, Pain Relief, Anti- Inflammatory 

Terpene Analysis (Aroma) : Notes of Citrus , Earthy Natural , Pungent Diesel

Effects of Use : Relaxed, Happy, Focused

Available Quantities 1/8th OZ (3.5g) and 1/4th OZ (7g)

Lab Analysis

Batch Number #PC001

Lifter Hemp Flower - Raw Hemp Flower (Per Gram)

THCa                .64%         6.4mg
Delta9 THC      .00%         0.0mg
CBDa            16.00%     160.0mg
CBD.                 .00%         0.0mg
CBGa                .73%         7.3mg
CBG                  .06%           .6mg
CBC                  .06%           .6mg

Total Cannabinoids : 174.9mg

(Legal in All 50 States)