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(Zero THC) Sativa - Jack Herer 100MG CBD Vapor Cartridge

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Jack Herer - Sativa 


Pure Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Zero Cut Distilled Terpenes Only

Each Pristine CBD vape cartridge contains strain specific terpenes derived from Cannabis allowing for a broad range of different effects closer to the plant than ever before. 

Lab Tested to ensure pristine potency and purity. Each Batch Contains a Unique QR Code with lab tests completed after each batch to ensure a consistent product.   

Lab Analysis:

CBDa: 100.00mg              THCa: 00.00mg 

Medical Analysis : Reduced Stress, Better Pain Management, Depression Disorder Relief

Aroma (terpene analysis) : Pungent Pine, Wood and Earthy Fragrance

Effects of Use : Increased Energy, Uplifted Mood, Happy and Giggly

Directions: Enjoy a 3-4 second draw for 2MG CBD   

(Legal in All 50 States)