About Us - Pristine CBD

Our Story,

   Unlike most Cannabis companies that started with an idea for profit in Wall Street; Pristine CBD began with a need for affordable and quality medicinal relief. It was December of 2016, At the time I was struggling with Depression, Anxiety and spent previous years trying different pharmaceutical drugs in order to battle these problems, only making them dramatically worse.

   Turning to CBD was one of the best things I could have done, my first doses of CBD I had taken helped clear my anxiety in a way that nothing had before. Once I Realized this, it was my mission to make pharmaceutical grade CBD available for everyone and anyone who needs access to quality medicine. 

   At Pristine CBD we stand by our products. This is not a white label company. Everything at Pristine CBD is made by small batches, in House, with Love, and guaranteed to provide the highest quality medicinally specific CBD products. After years of research and development I have created products to aid specific medical ailments, inclusively allowing for optimum adsorption of the molecule CBD. 

Please enjoy this medicine

With Love,

Stephen A Knott Jr